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We live in a society that makes it very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Between work, family obligations, and the ever-declining quality of food, it is easy to become overwhelmed when trying to decide what to put on the table.

Let us help you learn to make healthier choices while optimizing your time and creating delicious, comforting, and–most importantly–healthy meals for you and your family. Together, we will create a delicious menu consisting of five meals which will be prepared in your home, in only a few hours, one day per week.  We’ll even shop for groceries. Every meal will be packaged with easy instructions for you to heat or simply finish on your own.

Have picky eaters, allergies, or special dietary needs? My staff and I are experienced with all of these issues. Think that eating gluten-free or dairy-free means facing a lifetime of bland, boring foods? No way. We will show you that all of your favorites can be made not only allergy-free, but also healthy and delicious.
Other services include dinner parties and special occasions, romantic dinners for two, cooking lessons, vacation rental meal services, and more.

Ready to get started? Contact us and receive a free consultation.

Holistic Home Cookin'
Holistic Home Cookin'
A full work week’s worth of yummy meals for my clients today. With three kids, full time jobs, and taking on virtual learning/home schooling, it’s more important than ever for this sweet family to have nutritious meals that are easy to heat and in line with their dietary needs.
On the menu: baked chicken Parmesan meatballs with spaghetti squash, garlic bread, & a fall kale salad, cilantro-lime shrimp burgers with chunky guacamole, Mexican slaw, & southwest potato salad, vegetarian quinoa and black bean stuffed peppers, paleo shepherd’s pie with peas n’ veggie bacon, and “Beyond” sausage and egg baked breakfast taquitos.
Holistic Home Cookin'
Holistic Home Cookin'
Over the years, I have had potential clients question how I can charge what I charge for “just a few hours of cooking.” So I thought I would break down exactly how I spend my time for each and every client.

Before I ever turn on an oven, I visit each client for a free, in-home consultation so that I can explain every detail of what I do, go over specifics of every family member’s diet, and take a look around the kitchen to familiarize myself with it. This usually takes a couple hours, not including travel time (up to an hour each way).

I set up a Pinterest board for each client where we gather recipes that interest them. Often I have to walk my client through the set-up process and how to use Pinterest effectively.

I divide each board into sections and spend time each week researching and pinning recipes. I often have to figure out how to replace ingredients that they are allergic or sensitive to, and how to make sure I take care of each person’s needs when there is a mixed-diet household.

About 3-4 days before my scheduled cook day, I write a menu proposal to send to my clients, because every menu is customized. I do not have set menus. This is because I don’t want my clients to feel bound by restrictions since most of them have plenty of restrictions as it is, when it comes to their diets.
Generally there is some back-and-forth communication while we fine-tune and finalize the menu to their exact liking and specifications.

Then, I write out a detailed set of instructions for heating or putting meals together, and this is based on how much my clients prefer to cook (versus just putting something into the oven), how many family members will be eating each day, and the dietary needs of each family member.

I then create a shopping list to send for client approval.

On cook day (or sometimes the day before depending on what’s on the list), I head to the store early to shop for and purchase the approved groceries. I head to the home, spend a few hours cooking, label each dish and make sure that everything is properly stored. I then take an inventory of the fridge, freezer and pantry to make sure I’m not over purchasing supplies, which helps to keep client costs down.

Then, I go home. Unless I’m shopping for the following day’s clients.

My costs also cover things like business insurance, payroll, workman’s comp, advertising, supplies, and taxes.

So there you have it! I work hard for each and every client and they are all extremely important to me. I have developed close relationships with many and often am treated like family. I am extremely grateful for all of the ways I have grown both professionally and personally thanks to my amazing clients. It’s certainly hard work but I love what I do!
Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you’d like more information and are thinking about hiring your own private chef, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m just a message away.
Holistic Home Cookin'
Holistic Home Cookin'
Every time I go on Pinterest 😂
Holistic Home Cookin'
Holistic Home Cookin'
Whether your kiddos are headed off to in-person school, or just need a quick and healthy breakfast to grab before virtual learnjng, I’ve got you covered! Here we have strawberry cheesecake yogurt parfaits with chocolate berry granola...enough for all three kids to have three quick breakfasts!
Message me for more info and to set up a free consult for your own private chef service.
Holistic Home Cookin'
Holistic Home Cookin'
Northern/North Central Virginia friends! Have you been thinking about hiring a personal chef? Now is a fantastic time! Let us help you plan menus and prepare five healthy meals according to your specific dietary needs, so you can focus on virtual learning, work, and precious family time. Save your sanity and save money by not ordering out and not tossing out groceries you won’t use. We even do the shopping! We follow strict safety and sanitation protocols too.
Send us a message for a free, in-home or virtual consultation!
Holistic Home Cookin'
Holistic Home Cookin'
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