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We live in a society that makes it very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Between work, family obligations, and the ever-declining quality of food, it is easy to become overwhelmed when trying to decide what to put on the table.

Let us help you learn to make healthier choices while optimizing your time and creating delicious, comforting, and–most importantly–healthy meals for you and your family. Together, we will create a delicious menu consisting of five meals which will be prepared in your home, in only a few hours, one day per week.  We’ll even shop for groceries. Every meal will be packaged with easy instructions for you to heat or simply finish on your own.

Have picky eaters, allergies, or special dietary needs? My staff and I are experienced with all of these issues. Think that eating gluten-free or dairy-free means facing a lifetime of bland, boring foods? No way. We will show you that all of your favorites can be made not only allergy-free, but also healthy and delicious.
Other services include dinner parties and special occasions, romantic dinners for two, cooking lessons, vacation rental meal services, and more.

Ready to get started? Contact us and receive a free consultation.

Holistic Home Cookin'
Holistic Home Cookin'
Virginia art-loving friends! Be sure to stop by the new Taylor Boyd Studios for gorgeous items from our wonderful local artist!
Holistic Home Cookin'
Holistic Home Cookin'
Holistic Home Cookin'Holistic Home Cookin' is in Chester Gap, Virginia.
Chester Gap, Virginia
I was honored to be a part of this happy couple’s big night and make a celebratory meal in beautiful Chester Gap. On the menu: shrimp cocktail, mixed greens with balsamic, honey Dijon salmon with green beans almandine and herbed citrus couscous, and for dessert, baked pears with brown butter ice cream and candied walnuts. Congratulations on your engagement and best wishes for a marriage full of love ❤️ #shesaidyes💍 #romanticdinnerfortwo❤️ #engaged #happycouple💑 #buddyjoined🐶 #doggieatthetable #virginiaisforlovers #holistichomecookin #privatechefservice
Holistic Home Cookin'
Holistic Home Cookin'
This is the best idea EVER 😋🤤🤤🤤
Holistic Home Cookin'
Holistic Home Cookin'Holistic Home Cookin' is looking for recommendations.
Best place for fresh, humanely raised turkeys in Fauquier county!